Bitcoins: the Expert assessed the prospects to the end of the year

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate remains under pressure after the recent drop and could not get above the key mark. So at the moment the Bitcoin price is 9 $ 525, by adding only 0.5%.
Most of the cryptocurrencies from the top ten showed multidirectional dynamics within the market open.
So, Bitcoin Cash worth 306.11 USD and growing at 0.15%, the price of Ripple is reduced by 0.19% and the current token is estimated at 308 dollars, the cost of Ethereum increased by 0.63% and is at the level of 208.48 USD and Bitcoin exchange rate Gold will fall to 0.16% and one token on cryptomeria offer 19.34 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies to the current time has increased and is at $247 632 billion.
Online chart bitcoin/dollar remains in the range of 9 000-10 000 dollars with a probability of decrease to the level of $ 8 500.
After strong growth the majority of traders took profit on BTC and left the market to fall. In the current situation, the popular cryptocurrency is at risk to fall even lower, so say the experts.
Курс биткоина: Эксперт оценил перспективы до конца года
So in another interview with Bloomberg, the head of the Galxy Digital and active supporter of the BTC Mike Novogratz has warned that bitcoin exchange rate could drop to 8 $ 500 before set a new record.
Until the end of the year the digital asset to be traded in the range 10 000-14 000 dollars, then the price of bitcoin could fall to $8 500, before the token will update the previous record of $20 000.
He added that this scenario can occur earlier if a cryptocurrency will support institutional investors or corporations, and major foundations universities.
We will remind that earlier in early July, the expert made a statement which announced the increase of exchange rate of bitcoin to $ 40,000 in just a couple of years, but if the pressure from regulators to kriptonyte will not be too strong.
Курс биткоина: Эксперт оценил перспективы до конца года
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group