Bitcoins November 28: the Nasdaq for bitcoin-futures

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate rose sharply above the key level of $ 4,000 after it became known about the possible launch of futures trade on the Nasdaq.
At the moment Bitcoin price is trying to consolidate on the previously achieved low, but the movement is difficult to characterize as a full-scale growth.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten are also in optimistic mood.
So the Bitcoin Cash rate strengthened by 4.1% and is close to the mark 179.33 dollar, the price of Ripple has strengthened by 3.2%, and rose to the district level 1.375 dollars, Ethereum will come out at 3.64% and is now trading at $ 114, and the rate Bitcoin Gold rose by 3.37%, and one coin on the exchange are $ 19.
Market capitalization of crypto-currencies to the current time increased slightly and is 121 211 billion.
On the chart bitcoin/dollar quotes show the growth of optimism, but this is the first attempt cryptocurrency to gain a foothold on the psychological mark in the last few days.
Курс биткоина 28 ноября: Nasdaq за торговлю bitcoin-фьючерсами
To confirm the positive intentions of the buyers, we should expect the second technical test prices break below, and if it will be bad for sellers, it will be possible to speak confidently about the reversal.
Otherwise, this slight rebound of the exchange rate of bitcoin, merchants can use as a chance to buy a more expensive cryptocurrency for sale.

Nasdaq has strengthened the exchange rate of bitcoin and faith in the cryptocurrency

It became known that the world’s largest exchange Nasdaq electronic trading, plans to launch trading of bitcoin futures in the first quarter of 2019.
According to the news Agency Bloomberg, the stock exchange holds talks and active discussions on this issue with the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC USA), to obtain permits.
“The second turnover of the stock exchange in the world was considered the start of trading bitcoin futures last year and intends to start them in the next in the first quarter. For this purpose Nasdaq is cooperating with the CFTC US to solve all issues associated with the launch of a new financial instrument”
This information caused the market wave of buying, as if the exchange and the regulator agree, investors will get the opportunity to use another financial instrument in their work.
Also do not forget about the fact that the fact that the start of trading can replicate the behavior of players, which has been observed previously, code similar event occurred on the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), resulting in the bitcoin exchange rate also rose sharply.
However, in our opinion too much time is lost, which complicates the rapid recovery of most popular cryptocurrency, and the surge of optimism will not last long. Although in the current environment, and it will serve for many good chance to earn.
Курс биткоина 28 ноября: Nasdaq за торговлю bitcoin-фьючерсами
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™