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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world in recent days has lost 8.5% down to $ 10 640$. After rising almost two times from the lows, the players decided to take a break.
However, the growth forecast remains in force and bitcoin will continue to strengthen in the coming days.
At the moment the major exchanges show the following values of value of bitcoin:
Bitstamp – $10 595 (-5.64%)
Bitfinex – $10 600 (-9.0%)
Coinbase – $10 599 (-5.60%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $182 794млрд.

The bitcoin exchange rate and news

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif reported the technical failure that occurred on February 16.
In error, customers trading platform has managed to make purchases of bitcoin for free. According to this advantage of seven traders who were able to obtain an impressive number of cryptocurrencies just 20 minutes.
Later the exchange had to cancel the transaction for the withdrawal of bitcoin to Fiat and align the balances on customer accounts.
Previously known Japanese trading platform been caught in a situation where their technical vulnerabilities led to serious financial losses. This in turn caused a number of inspections by Japanese regulators, and the introduction of licensing of trading platforms.
The heads of Central Banks of the EU and the representatives of the exchanges will meet on 26 February to discuss the issue of regulation of cryptocurrency.
This was reported by the press, the Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis. During the meeting, representatives of regulators participants will hear and discuss proposals on this issue.
Despite a rather loyal position on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the part of European officials, there is information that some of the participants will be promoting more stringent regulation of the cryptocurrency market.
Cryptologist wary of such events, because typically result in a destabilization of the courses of cryptocurrencies and usually drop bitcoin and other digital assets.
The countries aspiring to the regulation of ICO, joined the Gibraltar. Officials said that currently deals with the question of supply tokens and regulations, including the implementation of “authorized sponsors”.
However, officials do not yet know how it should look “good offer” for ICO, and offer the market to determine which criteria are important to ensure reliability.

Forecast bitcoin exchange rate

Курс биткоина потерял за сутки 1000$, будет ли падение критичным
The current stop in the market is temporary, and rather linked to technical factors. Now on the market there are no preconditions for the return of the price below the psychological mark of$ 10 000. Today expected trading range for the exchange rate of bitcoin is in district 10 is$500 -11 500$.
Positive scenario
After a slight pause, the exchange rate of bitcoin will continue to rise and try to break through the level of 12 000$, by staying close to a passing resistance at the level of 12 500$.
The negative scenario
The rate of bitcoin will not be able to hold above the mark of$ 10 000 to drop below. In this case, the first support is level 9 300$, where the moving average, and then 8 000$.
In the current situation, the balance of power is still shifted towards the buyers in respect of 60/40. We expect the stabilization of the exchange rate of bitcoin in the coming days and the resumption of growth.

Courses cryptocurrency

Most cryptocurrencies on the market as well show a negative trend. At the time of writing the situation is as follows:
Курс биткоина потерял за сутки 1000$, будет ли падение критичным
Market capitalization of crypto-currencies decreased slightly and now stands at $418 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™