Bitcoins: Fight for new highs is just beginning

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Stock Markets Group – In the last 24 hours the bitcoin exchange rate remains unchanged most likely, accumulating forces for further growth. The Bitcoin price has recovered slightly and remains near the 3 900 dollars.
Recovering from the recent shock, investors are returning to the market and ready to take a new position on purchase, to go higher towards $ 5,000. Currently support bitcoin has a number of positive developments, which in turn support the intensification in the sector of kriptonyte not only banks but also public authorities.
At the time of writing, most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten demonstrate multidirectional dynamics.
So, Bitcoin Cash is losing ground 0.81% falling to around $ 130, the price of Ripple at the end of trading loses another 0.26% and reached the level of 0.312 dollars, the cost of Ethereum on the contrary strengthened by 0.86% and is at around $ 137.12, a course Bitcoin Gold rose 0.39% for the same coin on cryptomeria offer a little less than $ 13.
The total capitalization of the stock market at the moment is 119 178 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar on-former remains without significant changes. However, I must admit that during the day the cryptocurrency and fell and rose above the opening level. However, we expect the current balance of forces virtually leveled.
Курс биткоина: Борьба за новые максимумы только начинается
Judging by the mixed dynamics of the basic coins and the value of bitcoin in the following days the market will be determined with the movement. Most likely it will be a continuation of growth, especially since the external environment is conducive to shopping.

Bitcoin exchange rate: the Authorities of Singapore was supported by Coinbase

Today on the cryptocurrency market was marked by positive media reports.
So it became known that the Singapore government wealth Fund (GIC Private Limited) last year supported the financing of large cryptohalite exchange, allocating $ 300 million.
This became known from a report by Bloomberg on Thursday, citing a source knowledgeable in the matter.
The report says that the assets of the Fund amount to more than $ 100 billion in more than 40 countries. The source also said that it was probably the first investments GIC Private Limited to kriptonyte.
This is a good example of how large investment funds not only private, gradually begin to relate to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as one of the most attractive investment destinations.
So for example, last week the University of Michigan, the Charter capital of which is estimated at an average of about $ 12 billion, said that in July last year invested $ 3 million in cryptocurrency Fund of Andreessen Horowitz.
The University also clarified that continue to consider further investments in kriptonyte.
Also recall that in February in the US, the two pension funds in Virginia supported venture Fund, Morgan Creek Capital, providing clients with the choice of direction of investment, including in crypto.
Thus, more investment funds and even government institutions are showing interest in cryptocurrencies, supporting, thus, the exchange rate of bitcoin on the market and the development of kryptonyte in the world.
Typically, even the most ardent opponents of digital assets, aware of the current moment is the fact that bitcoin tokens, and many have long been integrated into everyday life, the absence of laws and the legal regulation did not stop this irreversible process.
According to our forecasts, from the point of view of the development of cryptosphere, the current year will be not only a year of stabilization of the exchange rate of tokens on the market, but also the breakthroughs and approvals in relation to the regulation of activities in the industry.
Курс биткоина: Борьба за новые максимумы только начинается
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™