Bitcoins: cryptocurrency on the verge of great change

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today is trying to recover from the losses of the previous days and at the moment adds up to 1.4% and is 9834 dollar per coin.
The cost of the most popular currencies in the last few days suffered significant losses on the background of the SEC intervention in the situation of cryptocurrency Libra.
Also in cryptosuite fear that excessive noise around the new token will lead to unwanted attention of the US government, which can and does prohibit the circulation of cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin in particular.
At the time of writing, the most popular cryptocurrency strengthened. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased by 2.17% and is at around 298 dollars, the cost of Ripple rose by 1.15% and reached the level of 0.314 dollars, the price of Ethereum strengthened at 2.84% and is close to 217 dollars, and the Bitcoin Gold went up by 1.99% and for one coin offer $ 27.
The total capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is 175 708 billion.
Meanwhile, the IMF made a loud statement, which says that bitcoin and other forms of electronic money may one day replace traditional money and make deposits in banks are out of date.
The report of the International monetary Fund describes various scenarios in which crypto-currencies can provoke failures in the banking sector.
Bitcoin exchange rate in this plays a role, as returns on the most popular token in recent days has surpassed the risks that may occur as a result of investing.
Курс биткоина: криптовалюта на пороге больших перемен
On the other hand, attention to Bitcoin in the world is growing, and this attracts more capital to kriptonyte, devaluing traditional investment instruments.
Also the report States that in the near future the banking sector will face serious competition in the confrontation with the cryptocurrency should be prepared to provide an adequate response.
According to analysts of the Stock Markets Group in the coming days the price of bitcoin will remain under pressure, given the low liquidity and risk of further pressure regulators on the global market for cryptocurrencies.
Курс биткоина: криптовалюта на пороге больших перемен
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group