Bitcoins: cryptocurrency expert is sure need new victories

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate went up sharply and at the moment the main cryptocurrency gaining 3.21% and reached the mark of $ 3769.
Bitcoin price made another attempt to break through strong resistance, with buyers to the middle of the day does not slow down the pace of purchases.
Other cryptocurrency in the top ten, also rushed up. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash gaining 2.68% and is close to 130.8 $ price Riple appreciated by 3.51% and one coin costs $ 0.3365, the cost of Ethereum is growing at 4.66% and reached the level of 126.46 dollars, and Gold Bitcoin exchange rate has strengthened by 5.72% for one coin offered on cryptomeria 11.89 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies has grown substantially and the current time is 114 578 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar changes direction, and quotes BTC crossed the moving average. The first goal 3 $ 700 achieved, but for the bulls is important to the price managed to fixate above this level.
If in the next few days this happens, then bitcoin will open the way towards the next resistance located in the region of $ 4,000. The struggle is likely to unfold here, so a little above there is another resistance, passing 4 for $ 200.
Курс биткоина: эксперт уверен криптовалюте нужны новые победы
We believe that the exchange rate of bitcoin still does not have sufficient potential for a global breakthrough, but current attempts are already talking about the presence of active buyers willing to go higher.

Bitcoin exchange rate began the year 2019 in the negative not by chance

So says the Director General of the service Chainа al Jake, who believes that the current negative situation is not a surprise.
While many participants had high hopes at the beginning of 2019, from the point of view of the dynamics of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the reality was quite different. And many now think that in the near future, there can be no improvement in the stock market.
Looking at current market situation, Jake is convinced that just “abundance 2017” has led to the current situation at the beginning of 2019.
When the business model of the ICO is not as attractive as ever, and the bitcoin and crypto-currencies lose their value in all directions, it seems that this trend may be delayed.
However, this process is in any case will not be so long that later, we got the “market bubble”, but the current mood is understandable.
He added:
“I will say that the time has come to accept. We need more advances in crypto, major projects and development, widely used applications based on various open-chain blocks. Even at the initial stage of the advent of the Internet were the products which really gave an idea of the potential of the technology. For example, that sold only books. It’s time to really demonstrate the potential of blockchain technology, using real work projects. This is precisely the purpose of my company, to ensure the wide spread of crypto in all spheres”
Despite the fact that more and more investors are investing in bitcoin and altcoins, it can be assumed that many of them leave the market until the situation improves. As well as the prospects for the stabilization of Bitcoin, is not yet clear, it is unlikely that these market participants will be back in the near future.
Bitcoin needs a new victory and the ability to support global decisions and developments. In fact, it does not require consultation with government officials and regulators, and the more aggressive developers will begin to promote the technology, the more likely that the situation will change, not only in the cryptocurrency market.
According to the expert, the absence of active purchases of the current stalemate does not mean that attention to bitcoin or other Aldona drop, just it is now time to rethink all the achievements achieved from the moment the bitcoin exchange rate reached its peak of $ 20,000.
Курс биткоина: эксперт уверен криптовалюте нужны новые победы
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™