Bitcoins could uncertainly to grow to 8250$

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On Wednesday, the Russian currency has allowed itself to recover slightly, although the strengthening had a local character and was not supported by any fundamental factors. This is confirmed by the decline of today’s session. The movement in General is very limited.
The dollar on the international market delivers correction signals, but they look flimsy, and the overall bullish sentiment for the currency remains strong due to the increase of Treasury yield. In these circumstances, the ruble is still no possibility for a more coherent and confident of a rebound, despite the fact that oil continues to go up.
The upward potential of the us currency has not been exhausted, which, coupled with the overall care of the players in the emerging markets yet does not allow to speak about the prospects of a meaningful recovery of our currency. The story of the introduction of new sanctions while silenced, but can remind myself at any moment, and it makes the speculators to stay away.
In the short term, there is another factor of risk to potential profit – taking before the onset of the weekend. Brent crude has reached an important psychological milestone that could scare the bulls and lead to a partial exit from long positions. In this case, the vulnerability of the Russian currency will increase.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”