Bitcoins can repeat the record in 2017

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate ended the week with growth rising to a five-week high of $4096.
Lost on Monday around 100 dollars, the price of Bitcoin continued its upward movement, as shown on the schedule of course of bitcoin.
During the last seven days, the price of BTC has appreciated by 102,15 USD, or an average of slightly more than $ 2 a day. For the last 30 days, bitcoin rose to 277$, or more than 7%.
In contrast to the traditional tendency to fall after each crossing the key level of $ 4,000, the rate of bitcoin has remained above the psychological mark for three consecutive days since Wednesday.
In the second half of the week Bitcoin has reinforced the bullish trend after a prolonged price consolidation in the range of $3800-$4000.
At the time of this writing, the most popular cryptocurrency is 4111 dollars, and a little retreat from the highs in the range of 0.2%.
Total market capitalization of BTC recently reached a new annual record and amounted to 71.8 billion dollars in daily trading volume on cryptomeria Friday 10.7 billion dollars.
Most of top ten cryptocurrencies are now showing a slight decline over the last 24 hours. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash falls to 0.26%, the price of Ripple is losing 0.55%, the cost of Ethereum is reduced by 0.72%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold fell by 0.23%, and one coin on cryptomeria offer $12.81.
Chart bitcoin dollar points to further the growth of cryptocurrencies, and the next week the asset will try to reach the level of $ 4,300. This mark is the next milestone that customers will try to overcome by developing an upward movement.
Technical indicators also point to further growth. So lines of Ishimoku indicator and the moving average is directed upward and supported quotations of BTC.
Курс биткоина может повторить рекорд 2017 года

Bitcoins can repeat the situation 2015

Expert predictions what is happening on the cryptocurrency market, more and more comes down to the fact that bitcoin may repeat the attempt to start global growth, which in the past ended with a peak value of the cryptocurrency at the level of $ 20,000.
The behavior of players in the market indicates that the important global issues that failed to resolve over the last year has faded into the background, and it’s time to just invest in bitcoin.
In support of analysts ‘ expectations as are the data on the volume of transactions on the asset. So the other day, the index reached a 15-month high, despite the continuing bearish trend in the market.
Payments by bitcoin are growing in the network SegWit and made at the moment almost half of all cryptocurrency transactions. Also according to the report, the Agency Weiss Ratings bitcoin is likely to become a popular safe haven asset that has enabled the company to assign to the token “A”rating.
Thus, the next half of the year can be quite productive for the integration of cryptocurrencies in the global financial system and of course BTC in particular.
We will remind, earlier it became known that the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb suffered another hacker attack, which was stolen more than 3 million token EOS.
This news apparently was the cause of a slight decline in the major cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours.
Курс биткоина может повторить рекорд 2017 года
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™