Bitcoins 4 December: Hike down to confirm the new low of $ 3,100

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The exchange rate of bitcoin fell below $4,000, confirming the scenario of reaching the level of $3100, long-awaited the world’s leading experts.
At the time of writing the review the value of the main crypto-currencies is $3945 on the stock exchange Coinbase and is evaluating the price movement, we can conclude that with the current levels, the fall is likely to continue. Indicates that a break out and pullback to the support level of a minimum of 30 November – 1 December, which currently acts as resistance.
In terms of the fall in the value of a cryptocurrency miners turned off their equipment, since mining started to yield losses. Suffered by private players and large companies, and those who led the “near-market business” type of organization mining hotels, in which it was possible to rent a specially equipped, cool room with good ventilation.
But disabling miners, which was estimated at 600-800 thousand units in recent months, produced the effect of a cleansing, and led to a drop in difficulty of the Bitcoin network, a record in seven years.
This means that now, for those who remained, mining digital money has become more profitable. It should be understood that Hasrat bitcoin is updated with a delay of about 2 weeks, and we might not see the whole effect, which will exceed current performance.
Again, if at these levels of the players decides to again engage in mining, including their equipment, this again will lead to increasing complexity of mining, and the decline in total revenues. This is a survival game that graphically captures the essence of the market balance will remain only those who can stand the drawdown, the more players and the higher the demand, the lower the profit each of them, and Vice versa.
The yield of the equipment use for mining is growing, because it only affects two measures: reward for block and network difficulty. The reward for the next time unit will change only in may 2020, but the network difficulty changes every two weeks, so for this indicator is to monitor all mining players, for this ideal the infographic Bitinfocharts.
First and foremost can work your equipment (assuming that they even turned off) miners in the Arsenal which there are devices S9i Antminer from Bitmain companies, which yield when accounting for the current drop of complexity is expected to grow by 15-16%.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International financial center”