Bitcoin will continue to hold the psychologically significant level of 10 thousand dollars

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The bitcoin exchange rate on 27 February to 18:00 Moscow time, according Libertex, increased by 3.7% to 10,591 thousands of $ 10,222 thousand at 18:00 GMT on 26 February. The most famous cryptocurrency in the course of today’s trading ranged above the level of 10 thousand dollars, while in the second half of the day exceeded 10.5 thousand dollars.
The market capitalization of bitcoin to 18:00 Moscow time was about 181,2 billion dollars compared to 173,2 billion on 18:00 GMT on 26 February.
Western European stock markets by the evening poorly mixed was varied in the range of 0.25%. The new head of the fed Jerome Powell told Congress that the situation in the us economy, despite the volatility in the market, “favorable”, and it did not give markets anything new.
Index Masuri to 18:15 decreased in the correction since the start of trading by 0.4% to 2343 points, we expect that in the next session, the indicator will fluctuate in the range 2285-2400 points. The RTS index was reduced by 0.7% to 1315 points and the next auction is likely to fluctuate in the corridor 1300-1333 points.
The dollar 18:18 GMT added 0.7% 56,11 ruble to ruble, while the Euro grew by 0.4% to 68.8 rubles. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in a range of 55.64-56,58 of the ruble, the Euro – in the hallway of 68.2-69.4 ruble.
As for bitcoin, it seems, will continue to “trample down” psychologically significant level of 10 thousand dollars, not too interrupting him.
From the news it is interesting to note that the Russian startup Zeus helped produce a national crypto-currency of Venezuela. This was told to journalists by the investor of the company, the President of group of companies “the Basis” Alexander Brooks. The issue of cryptocurrencies involves the creation of the exchange, ecosystems, the Russians and helped the ecosystem to create.
Online exchange Zeus, in turn, connected to classic American exchanges the contract with the brokerage company and allows to buy and sell shares of the largest companies in the world for cryptocurrencies.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club