Bitcoin was never a safe haven

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What nonsense? – when bitcoin was a safe haven. The volatility and unpredictability – that’s the element of bitcoin. Some time ago I have argued that bitcoin is “embedded” in the ranks of traditional currencies from the point of view of the formation of its dynamics. If you put aside “fundamental considerations”, then technically bitcoin dynamics quite well within the market model, built using TRT.MAFiE.
A few General observations. FORT trading system based on market model MEDIUM, which his own hand has two components: NEXT – a practical analogue of the “fundamental analysis” and MELS “Key levels for Slice of market” is the technical component of the model. In turn, MELS is formed by graphical objects generated with the use of the above-mentioned method TRT.MAFiE. If this is not clear then you should not worry.
Most importantly the following. To predict the decisions of regulators, the actions of hackers and integrity of the cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets – it is IMPOSSIBLE. And therefore cast aside NEXT and all sorts of other “fortune-tellers – rassuzhdalki” and rely only on the chart, as he is known – account for ALL.
And that’s what shows MELS. Bitcoin is in a downward trend, in the phase of sideways consolidation (within an object FLET). Break of the upper or lower bound will generate a signal to open the position of byu or sell, respectively.
Биткоин никогда не был тихой гаванью
And the question is – what is volatility, what is the uncertainty – all are very traditional. But the “highlight” is. On the one hand the rate of BTC is trying to break into a lower trading range, and on the other, something is holding back its and “cans” in the framework of the FLET.
By the way not the fact that a downward breakout is more likely. Yes, it is the trend. But a number of other indicators points to the proximity of the peak of the downtrend, Maybe it’s better to wait for the breakout, and then make decisions.
Alexander Egorov,
Currency strategist,
GK Teletrade