Bitcoin: Volatility has fallen to values may 2017

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Volatility in BTCUSD fell to the lowest values from may 2017 – at the end of the trading week the size of daily fluctuations did not exceed $100 or of 1.78% during the past 30 days, and this is very little to bitcoin. It is possible that the steady decrease in this indicator since the beginning of 2018 is due to launch bitcoin futures December 2017, and further infrastructure development and the creation of new derivatives, should continue the trend in the stabilization of the rate.
I think the decline in volatility can increase preplacement market for institucionales, whose arrival so eagerly awaited by the members of the community, and to introduce more logic in the comparison of the main cryptocurrency with gold, intraday deviation exceeds 1% only in exceptional cases.
The big players continue to maintain the level of $6 000, so the miners have the ability to process transactions without losing money. However, in the next 10 days the situation could become worse: 17 October expiration bitcoin futures on the CBOE, which usually has a negative impact on prices.
Moreover, trading volumes are now quite small – on the order of $3.3 billion per day, while even short-term bullish movement, they usually must be above $4 billion. Thus, the bearish trend remains intact and the indicators indicate the imminent decline of up to $6 350 and a likely test new lows soon before bitcoin will find strength for a new “rally”.
Michael Mashchenko,
Analyst social network for investors
eToro in Russia and the CIS