Bitcoin: the representatives of the G20 maintained a neutral tone regarding cryptocurrency

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Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors “big twenty” (G20) currently do not intend to impose strict regulatory measures against cryptocurrency. This is stated in the communique of representatives of the G20, which was published yesterday, March 20, after the first meeting in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.
Биткоин: Представители G20 сохранили нейтральный тон в отношении криптовалют
According to the communiqué, the summit “big twenty” has come to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies can play an important role in enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the global financial system, and therefore desirable to restrict the development of this area.
Due to the fact that at the summit in Argentina, the G20 representatives have been fairly neutral in respect of digital currency, as earlier captainvalor assumed that the meeting “big twenty” will take tough regulatory measures against cryptocurrency, the cost of most digital coins have increased in recent days. For example, the price of bitcoin exceeded this morning at $9000, and the Ethereum almost up to $600 for a single coin, according to CoinMarketCap. Thus, over the past two days key of bitcoin has risen nearly 20%.
Naturally, the tone of the representatives of the G20 psychologically supported the stock market. But I still continue to believe that stable growth in the value of cryptocurrencies will start only if the problem of scaling bitcoin to be resolved.
Veselin Petkov,