Bitcoin: the Players do not believe a further rally

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Crypto market is taking steps towards recovery after the massive sales that started on Wednesday, April 25. In the last 24 hours bitcoin (BTC) adds 4% and is trading around $9,250.
The sale begin at around $9,700 and a day later, on Thursday, the benchmark, the cryptocurrency was trading around $8,700, losing 11% of the cost. Similar dynamics showed all altcoins.
On the way to 10,000 on the market has increased sales. Obviously, some players are clearly in a hurry to fix a portion of the recent growth of the region below 7 thousand
Platform NewsBTC reports recorded April 26, the movement of 16,000 BTC and the same amount of BCH from cold storage a Trustee of the Mt. Gox to multiple addresses. It can be a signal of a new wave of sales.
It should be noted that the current bitcoin rollback accompanied by a decrease in volumes that it speaks about the uncertainty of the rally in the short term. The market can easily succumb to speculation and again show significant bursts of growth and fall without any particular reason.
As for Russia, the acclaimed ICO Olga Buzova in the first round, has already raised over $140,000. For the Russian segment is quite good, considering that it is now undergoing the first round and end the collection on September 16.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,