Bitcoin, Ripple or Petro El – far better to invest

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Capitalization the cryptocurrency market has remained stable on Monday morning, October 8, it is $218 billion. the Bitcoin exchange Rate little changed from last week – the digital currency continues trading sideways, the price at the time of preparation of the review $6548,9.
From all of the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies in the Coinmarketcap version high volatility has demonstrated the Ripple – alas, on the decline. Although the introduction of new development Xrapid allowing transnational payments quickly and cheaply, and contributed to the surge of positive sentiment and growth rate 200%, then profit-taking by market participants led to a rollback of prices, this trend continues to dominate today.
However, the medium-term prospects for the Ripple, as in Bitcoin, a growth. While Xrapid only implemented 3 of the company (MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Credit Union), but this is only the beginning, and later with the popularity of new technology, demand for tokens, XRP will grow that will positively affect the exchange rate XRP/USD. The nearest support level for the tool is $0.4278, although the growth may start from the current levels.
While no decisions about the Bitcoin ETF funds, and the expectation of the launch of a new project Bakkt next month, stimulates the continuation pletovy movements on BTC/USD, respectively, and Aldona not enough impulses for growth. While institutional investors will not be able to come to the market, to talk about the beginning of a new trend before.
Meanwhile, in the Senate of the United States wants to strengthen sanctions against the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela – El Petro.
Venezuela has long suffered from us sanctions, and is one of the most dysfunctional economies in the world. The solution to the problems of the country, officials are trying to make a new form of attracting foreign capital by holding a “national ICO” El Petro.
But the United States to ease sanctions were imposed on the new brainchild of President Maduro, a cryptocurrency El Petro. Moreover, a group of senators of the USA insists on the adoption of more severe sanctions against Petro (PTR) and distributing them to any similar products of Venezuela. The bill promoted by the representatives of both parties represented in the Senate.
The Senate bill bans US citizens to provide the funding and software “to handle any digital currency, coins or tokens that have been issued to or on behalf of the government of Venezuela”.
Since the question to Petro do too much, such a step the US government can indeed protect their citizens from loss. Although it is unlikely that Petro will have a stir among Americans, given the fact that Reuters journalists conducted an investigation, during which it became clear that Petro unsecured and does not actually exist.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”