Bitcoin rate marking near the mark of $ 7,500, at the risk of a downward turn

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today June 1, continues to mark time near an important psychological level. The first day of summer the price of Bitcoin remains in a weak growth, while yesterday also showed no significant achievements.
The summer holidays and the continued uncertainty of cryptocurrency does not allow to attract to the trades of new investors, and those who remained in the market, actively reducing positions, bringing the money in Fiat.
Other cryptocurrencies are also in no hurry to show positive dynamics with bitcoins.
So, Bitcoin Cash in the first day of summer has risen by 0.75% and is at a level of 1003$ capitalization 17 159 billion.
The Ripple rate has appreciated by 0.92% and reached the mark 0.61$ at market capitalization 24 226 billion.
Price Ethereum grew by 1.38% and reached 585$ in market capitalization 58 512 billion.
15:35 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 7 551 (+0.79%)
Bitfinex – $ 7 529 (+0.3%)
Coinbase – $ 7 534 (+0.5%)
The market capitalization of Bitcoin at the moment is $129 114 billion Total capitalization of the stock market 284 977 billion.

The bitcoin exchange rate and news

About the threat Vietnam money from the cryptocurrency market and talking to the IMF. Dong Hui, an employee of the Department of monetary policy and capital markets believes that banks in terms of digital technology need to make Fiat currency more attractive.
The first thing that can compete with the popular cryptocurrency, is stability. It is no secret that the rate of bitcoin is too volatile and often does not even reflect the market sentiment. Hee believes that Central Banks can take advantage of in order to make the national currency more stable and quality unit of account.
Second what said the Deputy Director of the Department of MCMD is that the need to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies to prevent arbitration in favor of digital assets.
“This means strict controls to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism, the strengthening of investment protection and taxation of transactions with bitcoin and digital assets”
As Dong Hee proposes to issue digital currency of the Central Bank, to control its emissions and at the same time to use as cryptocurrency in implementing payment transactions.
Previously, as you know, the IMF Christine Lagarde criticized the cryptocurrencies and statements of the need to regulate the market at the international level.
But it seems that in the current situation of high competition in the money market and the demand from big business, the IMF is looking for an opportunity to receive benefits and integration in the digital community.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс Bitcoin топчется вблизи отметки 7500 долларов, рискуя развернуться вниз
The first day of summer, the most popular cryptocurrency starts too mild. Morning growth of Bitcoin, which can be observed since the beginning of trading, gradually leveled sellers.
Using the weakness of active investors and risk aversion in a period of stagnation, the bears can develop a new attempt of sale of a digital asset.
Positive scenario
The rate of bitcoin will continue to strengthen and will reach the mark of 8 000$. While the price is above level 6 is$ 800, the threat of a serious drop for a digital coin does not exist. Sluggish and uncertain growth remains a key support for buyers, but if in the next few days “bulls” not aktiviziruyutsya, the price of bitcoin could crash again
The negative scenario
The bitcoin exchange rate will not hold at current levels and will start next fall. The risk of such a scenario is not yet clear, but possible in the coming days, especially given the caution of customers in the market of cryptocurrencies. In case of breaking the support line at 6 800$ down, as we have noted earlier, the way to reduce the cost of Bitcoin to new lows will be open. The first objective, to which the players will try to “push” the digital asset is in the area of 6 500$.
Курс Bitcoin топчется вблизи отметки 7500 долларов, рискуя развернуться вниз
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™