Bitcoin price showed large-scale growth of 8%

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The last 24 hours, Bitcoin is gaining more than 8% and is currently trading around $3500, demonstrating the strong rebound in the last 3 weeks. Together with the appreciation of BTC rising and the trading volume, which confirms the serious attitude of buyers. In unison started it is vital to grow the whole market of altcoins: major add 9% (ETH) to 26% (EOS).
According to Trustnodes, in the month of November alone finished ICO projects sold 416 thousand attracted by esters, while there is still about 3 million coins. This directly points to the prospect of further sales.
Such a rebound (although not confirmed by volume), we observed in November, but a further rise in sales led the stock market to new multi-month lows.
While we can only say that the Foundation for strong growth are still not formed.
In recent days has made several optimistic statements from well-known crypto-enthusiasts, including early bitcoin investors and founders of the largest crypto exchanges Gemini brothers Winklevoss. In an interview with Bloomberg they said confidently that feel quite comfortable in terms of the bear market, long accustomed to pragmatic for cryptocurrency.
It should be noted that over the past year many companies have produced products easy investing, both for retail and institutional investors. This is not surprising: the market abound of those who are waiting for the beginning of a new rally is quick to invest in the explosive growth. However, unlike last year, now there are random people is almost gone.
Given such a high recognition of crypto currency and infrastructure investment may also increase significantly. Hurry no one will, because the owners of big capital do not differ too much emotionality and rely only on the most persektivny conditions. In this case, the benefit is either minimal quotes digital assets or investments in projects with a proven business model.
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