Bitcoin news regarding the prohibition of advertising in Google unethical decisions are not thought out

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Stock Markets Group – Such opinion was expressed by Phillip Nunn, CEO of the investment company Blackmore Group from Manchester in the publication The Independent.
“I understand that Google and Facebook are under great public pressure and are trying to regulate is that they see their users. But I do not understand why they still advertise gambling and other questionable methods of earning”
“I think that the ban of bitcoin and everything related to cryptocurrency, this is a potential step to the introduction of its cryptocurrency and elimination, thus, competition”
As you know the first news that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be banned, appeared on the pages of the official blog of the company in the month of March this year.
Then the representatives of Google said that any advertising that is linked to the ICO, the sale of digital coins and is sites telling about the earnings on the cryptocurrency will be banned. It was reported that the list of constraints can be expanded over time.
In turn, this information had a negative impact on the price of bitcoin on the behavior of the stock market in General, and caused a wave of sales of tokens.
It is also reported that in the month of may the company appealed to the founder of Ethereum, cryptocurrency, which occupies the second place after bitcoin capitalization for the provision of services in this technology.
We will remind, earlier about their intentions and ban everything related to digital assets announced Facebook, but experts believe the restriction was not thought through, allowing marketers to bypass it by the means of simple replacement of characters in the keywords.
For example, the word Bitcoin ICO and it was enough to change the letter “O” with the digit “0” and the ban was not in effect.
Gareth Minimum, a lawyer at the British law firm Burges Salmon, says that the innovation Google is contrary to the concept and goals of the world’s largest search engine.
“The decision of Google to act as the regulator of monopoly in this context is alarming, given its huge commercial potential”
This prohibition could be interpreted as concern for customers, but on the other hand it may be the first step to promote your product on the market digital assets.
Today, some sites can still be found advertising associated with the market bitcoin, although it was expected by the marketers, from the 1st of June, she had to completely disappear from the list of proposed search engine.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™