Bitcoin loses almost 3% of the cryptocurrency market at a loss

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For the week the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies has not changed and amounted to $330 billion, and a degree of optimism was felt in connection with the launch of its own blockchain EOS, which resulted in a 30% increase coins, whereas in the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency loses more than 7.5% and is currently trading around $13. On the top 100 wallets are EOS nearly 65% of all tokens, which again reminds the community about the centralization of cryptocurrency. Starting blockchain TRON (TRX) and is led to reduce coins 4%, currently the tenth largest cryptocurrency losing nearly 5% and trading around $0.05.
Despite the drastic intervention of governments in the process the ICO, according CoinSchedule, since the beginning of this year, the projects were able to attract through ICO $9.4 billion, given the Telegram and El Petro and excluding EOS. Some projects, such as the EOS, trying to avoid potential problems with regulation, denying US resident to participate in ICO. It is obvious that the global economy is still more money available than good projects, but that’s not stopping investors from unsafe investments.
From June 18 in Japan will not be able to trade anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for, Dash and Monero, which is almost certainly in the short term will have a negative impact on the courses of these coins. Zcash for the developers promised to resist the advent of ASIC devices for the algorithm Equihash, however further promises business is not has gone, while the complexity of mining cryptocurrency continues to demonstrate significant jump, depending on exchange rate fluctuations.
The reference cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is losing almost 3% and trading around $7,500, it should also be noted that in relation to the bitcoin community also openly acknowledges the fact of the centralization of power network in the hands of the largest manufacturer Bitmain, which means almost full control of the future of the project. The value of the cryptocurrency to date is actually determined by the speed of transactions and fluctuations, as these factors are managed by a leading manufacturer of ASIC devices.
The centralization of computing power, or the accumulation of the vast number of released tokens in the hands of a group of individuals networking raises a big question on the future of cryptocurrency, because it denies the original system of values inherent in bitcoin.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,