Bitcoin is trying to take revenge

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Buyers at the auctions in Asia (07.10.18 at 20:00 UTC) tried to jerk up, but fizzled out after a couple of minutes at around $6640. As usual, two minutes of activity and then long flat. For seven hours the sellers played the Asian losses. The price slipped from $6640 to $6585.
Buyers do not have enough news drivers to turn around at full speed. Do not rule out that market participants are waiting for the launch of the introduction of new updates Constantinople in the Ethereum network, which was postponed until 14 October. It can increase the interest to purchase the air and other altcoins.
Today the pressure on the stock market has had a hearing on insolvency exchange Bitfinex. The exchange’s management denied the accusations.
The market has stabilized and closer to the opening of the buyers made another attempt to revive growth. The exchange rate of bitcoin rose to $6730, the rate of air – up to $234.
To buyers in the bitcoin now I need to make $6741 to provoke sellers to close short positions that are opened below $6,700 in anticipation of a downward breakout. The technical picture on the side of buyers, so they have all the cards to go today, $6850.
Биткоин пытается взять реванш
Vladislav Antonov,