Bitcoin is strongly losing ground due to the arrest of the head Coinnest in South Korea

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The main cryptocurrency bitcoin is significantly cheaper, having gone the day before below a mark of 7 thousand dollars and seeking it on Thursday to the level of $ 6,700. Other cryptocurrencies also show a negative trend with decreasing capitalization. This happens within the created market downtrend that was not broken short-term growth of the previous days.
According Libertex, as of 12.00 the bitcoin fell in price during the day by 2.53% – up to thousands of dollars in капитализации116,4 billion. Alternative cryptocurrencies have also continued to be cheaper. Ethereum 12.00 decreased in price by 0.6% to the dollar in capitalization reached $ 37.7 billion, Ripple 2% to 0.49 dollar in the capitalization of 19.6 billion dollars. The Litecoin exchange rate fell by 0.78% to 120,03 dollar. Capitalization of Litecoin is 6.7 billion dollars.
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is 12.00 billion. On the market in recent years, a decline in trading volumes, which leads to the outflow of speculative capital from the stock market.
Worrying news for investors was the news that in South Korea have detained the head of the exchange of cryptocurrency Coinnest on charges of fraud. It was suspected that he used the virtual currency to its customers on its own account.
During the day we can predict a further decline in rates of cryptocurrencies, due to prevailing market bearish sentiments. Rate Ripple will move at 0.49 per dollar and hardly lit will be able to return above $ 0.5, and Ethereum will be at the level of 380 dollars, Litecoin can go below $ 120. Bitcoin will probably fall below 6800 dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club