Bitcoin is preparing to reach new heights, the current forecast 13 000$ remains in force

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency on February 19 continued growth and is very close to 11 000$. Buyers in the market and resumed buying after a small technical correction.
At the moment the major exchanges show the following values of value of bitcoin:
Bitstamp – $11 168 (+7.18%)
Bitfinex – $11 135 (+3.8%)
Coinbase – $11 113 (+3.5%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $188 billion.
The current bitcoin exchange rate increased by 85% from the recent lows, which suggests that the “bottom” for bitcoin was reached.
Nevertheless, the market remains concerned about the issue of regulation and strong vulnerability to mistakes and attackers.

The bitcoin exchange rate and news

Will Murphy, Vice President believes that in the future the concept of the blockchain will disappear as such. He believes that the block structure of a chain would not be necessary because the transaction will be directly connected, and each will be supported by the previous one.
He also expressed the opinion that the system will no longer be unidirectional, and will be more like a grid with a nonlinear set of branches that go in different directions.
“Maybe since today we are talking about the cloud, we call this structure the “count”
After India tightened the rules of regulation of cryptocurrency transactions, many Indian companies in mining and exchange of bitcoins transferred its business to other countries.
Among the private traders, a new direction – buying bitcoin abroad, for example, using the accounts of their relatives or friends in foreign banks.
Holders of bitcoin say that the cryptocurrency on the U.S. exchanges is more convenient and profitable, especially after the Indian government increased the control over the circulation of cryptocurrency in the country.
Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This is evidenced by the survey conducted by the Federal Association for information technology and telecommunications Germany.
About 65% of the German citizens know about bitcoin, want to buy bitcoin, only 19% and 72% of respondents said that are not interested in the situation of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular.
The main reason why crypto-currencies do not have a proper attention is their high volatility and risks associated with it.
The General Director of Association Bernhard Rohleder sees in the resulting figures the growth of the economic value of bitcoin in our lives.
“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a good example of how the digital age is able to change the financial system. It’s not only about bitcoin, but about blockchain technology, which will affect the economy in the future.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Биткоин готовится штурмовать новые вершины, текущий прогноз 13 000$ остается в силе
As we had expected, a slight correction was observed over the weekend, today is already over.
Bitcoin exchange rate again began to rise and the current time has successfully tested a new important level of 11 000$. However, to expect that the price will be fixed on the data lines with the first times, not worth it. Bitcoin may well come back under this level to re-test.
Positive scenario
In the cryptocurrency market were favorable conditions for the continuation of the growth rate of bitcoin in the next days. If price can consolidate around 11 200-11 400, it will be a good signal for new purchases in the market.
The bitcoin market is gradually “accelerated”, and together with it and other cryptocurrencies maintain a positive attitude.
In case of successful developments, we expect the first significant resistance for the asset no earlier than the mark of 13 000$.
The negative scenario
The rate of bitcoin will not be able to consolidate above and return to the psychological level of$ 10 000. This situation is possible in the case if cryptocurrencies start to pressure new negative factors. Now the external background remains favorable for growth, but the current situation still suggests a possible drop to around the$ 10 000 – 9 500$.

Courses cryptocurrency

Today most altcoins show steady growth, reinforcing the position after bitcoin. At the time of writing the situation is as follows:
Биткоин готовится штурмовать новые вершины, текущий прогноз 13 000$ остается в силе
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies reached $450 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™