Bitcoin is growing, the market capitalization approaching $200 billion

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The bitcoin exchange rate on 5 March to 18:00 Moscow time, according Libertex, increased by 6.1% to 11,470 thousand dollars 10,815 thousand at 18:00 GMT on 2 March. The most famous cryptocurrency in the course of today’s trading was kept above the level of 11 thousand dollars, having come to him during the weekend.
The market capitalization of bitcoin to 18.00 MSK was about 194,2 billion vs billion 183,7 18:00 GMT on 2 March.
Western European stock markets in the second half changed multidirectional within 1.5%. The pressure of the risks of a trade war with the United States after the announcement of America’s intention to impose duties on imports of steel and aluminum. The results of the parliamentary elections in Italy, which took place on Sunday, also affect the dynamics of stock indices.
Index Mosberg 18:14 GMT increased from the start of trading on 0,7% to 2305 points, we expect that in the next session, the indicator will fluctuate in the range 2250-2360 points. The RTS index gained 0.9% to 1,272 points and the next auction is likely to fluctuate in the corridor 1255-1290 points.
The dollar 18.16 MSK added since the beginning of the session 0.5 percent against the ruble to 57.1 of the ruble, while the Euro rose in price by 0.3% to 70.3 ruble. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range of 56.6-57.6 ruble, Euro – in the hallway 69,7-70.9 ruble.
As for bitcoin, it remains in short term uptrend, and the consolidation of the rate above the level of 11 thousand dollars signals about it.
From the news it is interesting to note that the Supreme court of Russia on March 21 will consider an appeal against the decision to block the website publishing news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The courts of first instance in such cases motivate their decision by the fact that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “contribute to the growth of the shadow economy”, and “the free flow of information about e-currency” is dangerous from the point of view of what cryptocurrencies are often used for trafficking in arms, drugs and other criminal activities.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club