Bitcoin is configured to strong gains above $ 6000

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The main cryptocurrency market inspires a confident turn to growth. In the last day BTC jumped by 7% and is trading around $5800, confidently breaking the mark of $5600. Altcoins duplicate these dynamics, showing the increase of 2-8% in tokens from TOP-10.
To assess the short-term Outlook it is worth noting that Bitcoin has managed to rise above the local highs of April. From the technical analysis, the first cryptocurrency may not come across in your path of obstacles the way up to $6000. Support in the form of 200-day mA stood, which probably marked the end of the corrective pullback and attracted new buyers who entered the market with a lower cost.
Among news drivers should mark the transaction for 40’000 BTC to one of the largest wallets. However, neither the owner nor the reasons for moving the funds is not known, but it is clear that it aroused even more small investors who are willing to follow the “whale”.
At the moment, market participants have increasing sympathy is to bitcoins, which can not but rejoice “BTC-maximalist”.
Meanwhile, the exchange rate of XRP in the end of April fell to 7-month lows, being clearly worse than the market. Apparently wishing to affect investor sentiment, Ripple announces new partnerships for use of the system xCurrent with the participation of token XRP. Recently, Ripple has signed an agreement with Ria Money Transfer, and Saudi British Bank (SABB) has promised to use the infrastructure based on Ripple XRP.
Work to improve investor sentiment also holds a leading information provider on the stock market – CoinMarketCap. The company announced that by June of this year will start to remove exchange, which did not support their trading volumes. Now wishing to get on the list will have to connect to the Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA) to demonstrate that trade data in real-time. It looks like CoinMarketCap is in a hurry to prove the veracity of the published rating, yet it is not come from the regulator.
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