Bitcoin is again below 10 000$, cryptocurrency in the black

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Stock Markets Group – For the last days the exchange rate of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and could not overcome psychologically important level of$ 10 000, and yet is still within her reach. Experts attribute the aggressive sell bitcoins for profit in the market those players who have entered it too late, believing that the cryptocurrency will quickly rack up the same price.
At the moment the major exchanges show the following values of value of bitcoin:
Bitstamp – $ 9 701 (+0.35%)
Bitfinex – $ 9 707 (+0.4%)
Coinbase – $9,710 (+0.38%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $165 336 billion.
However, if we talk about the news, then there is little reason to drop prices gained mass character.

The bitcoin exchange rate and news

In the next week Coinbase where you are trading bitcoin, plans to complete the implementation of the Protocol SegWit. The representatives of the trading platform said that the new technology will reduce the Commission costs for clients up to 20%, as well as speed up the transaction for transactions with bitcoin.
At present, the share of transactions in the Coinbase network of bitcoin is high enough for users to feel any improvement in the near future.
Earlier, this technology has already started to use a wallet Bitcoin-Core and the Bitfinex team.
Large banks continue to restrict operations with cryptocurrency through the use of credit cards. About another ban on such operations was announced by the Toronto-Dominion Bank, the largest Bank in North America.
The corresponding order was sent to clients on 23 February. It notes that this decision complies with the Bank’s policy is aimed at protecting customer funds and the work of the (TD).
Interest in El Petro – first national cryptocurrency appeared in Venezuela on Tuesday, is growing.
After just one day after the official start of sales, the demand for new cryptocurrency increased to 735 million dollars. Later in an interview at facebook, Nicolas Maduro announced that the offer to purchase El Petro has already exceeded $ 1 billion.
The main buyers of today are the citizens of China, Japan, Colombia and Spain.
Experts still find it difficult to say how this project will be successful because earlier it was reported that the cryptocurrency is pegged to oil prices, which makes it dependent on the manipulation of the market of “black gold”.
In any case, it is a good experience that may inspire other countries to consider a replacement for bitcoin in the form of national digital money.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Биткоин снова ниже 10 000$, криптовалюты в небольшом плюсе
The struggle for new heights in the market of bitcoin continues. Reaching the week mark almost $12,000, the rate of bitcoin again lost ground and fell below the psychological level.
The same negative dynamics were demonstrated by most cryptocurrencies on the exchanges. The main reason why the asset behaved so called the ongoing confrontation banking monopolies and bitcoin.
Increasingly comments the major banks about the threat to their business and competitiveness against the background of a sharp rise in popularity of cryptocurrency.
Positive scenario
Bitcoin exchange rate after short-term declines in the area of $9 500 will resume growth. In this case, overcoming the psychological mark of $10,000 will again cause difficulties among the players. This level will require consolidation of the forces of buyers and open new positions for growth of bitcoin prices higher. Important intermediate support today is around $9 000 where the “slow” line of the indicator Ichimoku.
The negative scenario
In case of further reduction, the target at which bitcoin can stay located at $8 000. Crossing it will cancel the current growth and cause a new wave of sales, can derail the bitcoin exchange rate to recent lows.
The current situation on the market is uncertain. On the one hand, recent optimism has attracted new players into the market and allowed for stronger asset for the week by almost 40%.
On the other, the high volatility, which until recently was the main advantage for bitcoin speculators is not the same, and not allow him to grow quickly.
In the current situation, we recommend you to take a break and wait for the course range from $9 000 – $10 000.

Courses cryptocurrency today

On the market today, there is a weak positive, which most likely is a technical correction after the next heavy fall. The current situation is as follows:
Биткоин снова ниже 10 000$, криптовалюты в небольшом плюсе
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at the moment is $390 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™