Bitcoin investors are in a panic, many of the cryptocurrency has lost more than 13%

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Market capitalization of crypto-currencies fell for the week on $100 billion Up to March 30, leading cryptocurrency has lost more than 13%. The most important factors in this drop is the pressure regulators, as well as a large amount of futures on the Cboe and CME for sale.
The market is collapsing investors themselves, many of whom bought bitcoin at a time when prices were 2 times higher, and complexity is 2 times lower than current values.
Reputable crypto-bulls urge not to succumb to the negativity and to keep the cryptocurrency until better times. However, even the formation of convinced “investors hontarov” is able to poredet, if BTC can’t hold support at $6,000.
It should be noted that the growth rate of the bitcoin network was a blow to Bitcoin from Cash, which was the result of dissatisfaction with the community problems with scaling BTC.
Problems with scaling have not bypassed the project of Pavel Durov. Active is it closed ICO led to the explosive growth of the popularity of the Telegram. Lately messenger in the day was connected by 700,000 new users that resulted in the shutdown of worldwide service.
The trading volume of the stock market fell, and if you grow it it is often associated with increased sales. An increasing number of voices question whether this is a good opportunity to “purchase” a cryptocurrency or pre-final spot before the “collapse” of the bubble?
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,