Bitcoin in the last month close to the fluctuation in stock prices

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Another week of low activity on the “digital market”. The volatility of Bitcoin in the last month close to the fluctuation of stock prices the world’s largest Apple. Someone thinks this is a maturing of the market, someone finds a massive loss of interest and faith in the sector in principle. However, a period of stability and calm can easily be replaced by a roller coaster in the case of the emergence of new triggers.
As previously predicted, leading financial companies in the world actively started to implement blockchain technology in their operating processes. So, the Visa company announced the availability of the product B2B Connect for customer identification and licenzirovanie business-critical customer data within the framework of international Bank transfers. In the end, the update protocols for interbank cooperation will lead to the cheapening and speeding up of all processes.
Besides, there is still a high demand for strengthening security, which is quite capable to do on the blockchain, taking into account all the previously accumulated experience. The traditional banking sector, with such powerful resources and infrastructure, now takes the best from new technology. In fact, the entire crypto sector for wall Street is now a large patent base.
An advantage of cryptocurrencies is the low Commission in the face of weak demand and more opportunities for anonymous money transfers. Everyone understands that there is no need in thousands of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, even a dozen may be too much. The market may be divided, similar to Internet sites: 60% -80% leader, 20 to 30% selects the number 2, and all the rest are content with fractions of a cent. These few cryptocurrencies can be similar money surrogate: perhaps even widely recognized in the global financial system.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Senior analyst,