Bitcoin in may 2018, what are the prospects and risks expected global cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – Last month for the most popular cryptocurrency has been very productive. Since the first week of the month, bitcoin steadily moved to the psychological level, breaking the first $8 000 and later $9 000.
However, experts note that today the positive dynamics of digital coins will receive a negative pulse, which may last several months.
The external news background to date has allowed buyers to push the cryptocurrency and other digital assets is higher in the forward quotes beyond $10,000, but today the fundamental factors are preventing Bitcoin soar to new highs.
A shining example of what the coin is not a standalone asset that does not depend on world events was the announcement that Donald trump broke a nuclear deal with Iran.
The reaction of world financial markets is quite clear, as is brewing a new geopolitical conflict, which according to many experts, could lead to a new war.
Bitcoin, in turn, as well as most tokens reacted to the news by reducing. Today it’s still difficult to say whether this reaction is a consequence of the growing risks and panic of investors, or just duplicate the dynamics of world platforms. However, this behavior is most popular cryptocurrencies clearly points to the fact that the digital market will not be able to stand aside from global events.

Chart of Bitcoin value April-may

Bitcoin в мае 2018 года, какие перспективы и глобальные риски ожидают криптовалюту
The month of may for bitcoin, according to experts of the Stock Markets Group will be difficult, as most investors will start preparing for the summer holidays. The liquidity of the cryptocurrency market in this period is usually reduced, leading to capital outflows from digital assets.
A positive factor is that the bitcoin included in the time period, in the absence of serious negative as it was in 2017, when the authorities of China and South Korea began to pressure the market tokens.
In addition, the regulatory process cryptocurrency transactions in many countries has moved to the final stage, which partly eliminates the possibility of sudden shocks and pressure on the most popular coin.
Strategically, however, note that despite the relative silence from regulators and officials, the issue of legalization of bitcoin is still uncertain. Banks, though, and try to take an active part in the development of blockchain technology, is still not in a hurry to implement transactions using cryptocurrency.
There’s a three month of summer and we expect that during this period, the rate Bitсoin will stay in the price range of $8 000 – $9 500.
Above according to our calculations the price of a cryptocurrency is difficult to keep the conditions of low liquidity and the summer lull.
Experts today are concerned about the fact that the global trend associated with bitcoin, as the Internet search and media has decreased in tens times. The number of new investors declined, and can not provide such strong support for the cryptocurrency, as it was a year earlier.
And when you consider that the price of bitcoin is often only by demand and speculation by most of the participants of the cryptocurrency market, it turns out that the current price range this is the maximum that you can expect in the next month.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™