Bitcoin headed to around 9 000$ after impressive growth

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The main cryptocurrency Monday began to decline, after rising the previous week, and the bitcoin will probably go down to around 9 thousand dollars.
According Libertex, bitcoin 12.00 per day has fallen in price on 1,72% – to dollars in capitalization in 159,9 billion. The Litecoin exchange rate weakened by 3.46% to $ 164,8 capitalization of 9.3 billion dollars. Ethereum has declined in price by 12.00 4.91% to 729,8 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 73,9 billion dollars. The Ripple rate fell by 4.6%, to $ 0.83 in the capitalization of 32.5 billion dollars. The total market capitalization is 437,9 billion.
Negative news for the market and for individual crypto-currencies in particular was the fact that the US government can accept Ethereum and Ripple securities. Monday will be a meeting of the Commission on securities of the USA on which to discuss this issue.
However, there was news that South Korea will soften control over the cryptocurrency. The government plans to change the rules of regulation of the stock market to improve the financial system and make it more secure.
In the future days, we can expect that crypto-currencies will continue to trade negatively within the market temporary correction. Rate Ripple can be lowered to 0.8 of the dollar, Ethereum may fall to the level of 730 dollars, and Litecoin has the risk to decrease to 162 dollars. Bitcoin, most likely, will fall in price to 9200 thousand dollars and then go down to around 9 thousand dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club