Bitcoin has helped the stock market soar to new records

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The main cryptocurrency on Tuesday soared upwards within the long-overdue market correction, while ignoring even the negative news.
According Libertex, bitcoin exchange rate of 10.00 per day has jumped by 13% to $ 4710 with capitalization to 82.4 billion. Ethereum by this time increased in price by 6.19% to 150.3 dollar, its market capitalization has reached 15.9 billion dollars. XRP per day rose to 5.18% – 0,328 dollar, its market capitalization of $ 13.7 billion.
Litecoin has increased in price from 10,67% and jumped to 67.4 per dollar with a market capitalization of $ 4.1 billion.
The stock market ignored the news that the large digital marketplace Bithumb again hacked by hackers, stealing cryptocurrency $ 19 million. In the past year due to hacker attacks exchange lost 31 million dollars.
In addition, the Indian crypte exchange Coindelta announced the termination of work due to adverse administrative climate in the country.
As suggested by financial scouts on the stock market there is a need of correctional growth to the protracted deep enough drop. According to them, bitcoin exchange rate in the short term may strengthen to $ 5,000, Ethereum to 155 dollars, XRP – to 0.35 of the dollar and Litecoin – $ 70.
Denis Povtoreiko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club