Bitcoin: Experts report on the global decline cryptowall

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The main crypto-currencies continue to fall in price, despite a number of positive for some digital assets of news. Thus, in particular, several supportive messages came on the market for Litecoin.
In particular, the Creator of the cryptocurrency Charlie Lee said he wants to focus the development of its project on the implementation of confidential transactions. In his opinion, now Litecoin is not enough interchangeability, which distinguishes a stable currency.
In addition, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Huobi has launched a DM to trade contracts for Litecoin. Now clients of the market of available appointments in a week, two weeks and three months. Despite these positive news, Litecoin exchange rate of 11.00 per day decreased on 0,99% – to 30.1 per dollar in the capitalization of $ 1.8 billion.
Bitcoin this time fell 1.47% to $ 3360 with a market capitalization of 59.7 billion. Ethereum has fallen in price on 0,58% – to 102.7 dollar, its market capitalization reached 10.9 billion dollars, despite the fact that this cryptocurrency was in second place in the ranking of the best digital currencies, traditionally made in China. The XRP exchange rate fell by 3.45% to 0.28 dollar with a market capitalization of 11.9 billion dollars.
The total capitalization of the stock market reached the mark of 111.4 billion dollars.
Financial scouts continue to believe that rates of major cryptocurrencies will continue forward movement down. Bitcoins could drop down to the level of 3300 dollars, Ethereum – $ 100, XRP – to 0.26-0.27 of the dollar, Litecoin is to 28-29 dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club