Bitcoin exchange rate turned negative mood and went to 8000$

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today 7 Jun slowly moving up, adding to the current time of about 0.6% as close as to the level of 7 750$.
The price of Bitcoin the day before, managed to finish trading session by growth and helped customers to take the initiative.
Most altcoins are slowly strengthened with the main cryptocurrency. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased by 1.18% and is at a level of 1142$ 703 capitalization of 19 billion dollars. The Ripple rate strengthened by 1% and reached $ 0.68$ at market capitalization 26 779 billion. Price Ethereum increased by 0.26% and reached 607$ in market capitalization 60 851 billion.
16:05 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 7 692 (+0.4%)
Bitfinex – $ 7 696 (+1%)
Coinbase – $ 7 680 (+0.45%)
The market capitalization of Bitcoin at the moment is $510 131 billion Total capitalization of the stock market 294 443 billion.

Bitcoin exchange rate must be cleansed of speculation

Cryptocurrencies are at the peak of attention, than in his interview, said adena Friedman, who occupies the position of President and chief Executive officer of Nasdaq.
Answering the question of how the Corporation relates to bitcoin and innovative technology, she said that Nasdaq uses scientifically-oriented approach to the cryptocurrency market.
She also said that now only bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining quality, understandable and has the potential to become a payment instrument on the Internet.
Speaking about the prospects of the future of cryptocurrencies, and she said that today, bitcoins and other assets is too volatile and does not contain any targets for use in international trade. However, Friedman is hopeful that once the digital assets will become “more Mature” they will be useful and will take the place of an effective tool for trade.
Now the tokens are at the peak of their potential with a large number of members of the crypto community.
Nasdaq according to the President of the Corporation plays its active role by providing data and information on the stock market the companies working with digital currencies.
Regarding the use of blockchain technology, she believes that these developments can be applied where even a lot of paper work. But to scale in manufacturing technology is still not ready.
“Today we have enough industries where automation is used instead of “paper” that is inefficient in accounting. Technology must be deployed in the private sector where you can see large cycles of calculations which can simplify the use of the blockchain”
Such statements in favor of supporting bitcoin and other digital assets give a positive signal to institutional investors that the time is approaching when the market of digital assets will become “ripe” for integration into the global financial system.
With the experience and the decline in exchange rates volatility, investors are increasingly considering tools such as bitcoin and Ethereum, as a tool for long-term investments.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина переломил негативные настроения и направился к 8000$
The current dynamics in the market of altcoins positive and most popular cryptocurrency is climbing higher in the direction of 8 000$. The movement is difficult to call sure, but given the preponderance of daily buyers, you can expect that in the future the number of purchases will increase.
With the approach of summer, attention to bitcoin dropped, but dropped the number of active participants. In terms of pure market risk change of sentiment remains high.
Positive scenario
The rate of bitcoin will continue to grow in the direction of important psychological level of 8 000$. Now the slow and fast line of Ichimoku signals a depreciation of the currency.
But the price almost made up for the last pullback and is already above the moving average, which later will perform the function of additional support.
Our forecast for the next days is associated with the further strengthening bitcoin and the output resistance (bottom of Ichimoku cloud) in the area of 8 300$.
Курс биткоина переломил негативные настроения и направился к 8000$
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™