Bitcoin exchange rate today suddenly turned around and loses more than 0.5% from the open price

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today resumed the decline by breaking the growth started at the beginning of the week and pushed to around 6400 dollars.
The price of Bitcoin has received support in a time when the goal of 6 000 dollars became accessible for the sellers and were able to break the downward trend.
However, experts forecast remains negative, as until today, the significance of bitcoin as the market of digital assets, and overall has significantly declined.
Bitcoin could not become digital gold, as many had expected even a year earlier, and confidence in that the regulators by the end of this year will give the “green light” on the integration of cryptocurrencies in the global financial system less.
Most courses cryptocurrency turned together with the main asset. So the rate of Ripple lost to the current moment of 0.98% and reached $ 0.2768$, Ethereum fell by 2% and is around 207.05$, Bitcoin Cash depreciated by 2.73% and reached $ 451.3$. The market capitalization of bitcoin is 186 068 billion.

The rate of bitcoin will support Morgan Stanley

As reported by Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources, the largest investment Bank plans to launch programs for clients working with bitcoin.
It is planned that the Bank will start trading swaps that allow investors to profit from such transactions.
“Investors will have the opportunity to buy and sell “swaps the return of bitcoin prices”, in turn the Bank will earn a spread from each of them:”
This news suggests that Morgan Stanley is trying to hold the development trend of digital assets, and will develop its range of services to clients focusing on innovative technologies.
Earlier, another big Bank Goldman Sachs, has denied the rumors about the suspension of the project to develop its own trading platform for cryptocurrencies, calling this information “do not meet the actual plans of the Bank.”
In turn, Morgan Stanley refused to comment on the issue of trafficking in bitcoin, and launch new services for customers.
It should also be noted that today many large banks and financial companies are actively developing new services focused on the cryptocurrency market.
So recently there was insider information that Citigroup is considering entering the bitcoin market using new banking products.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина сегодня внезапно развернулся и теряет более 0.5% от цены открытия
Cryptocurrency continues uncertain rebound to the resistance level of 6700 dollars. This is the first level where buyers can get serious resistance from the bears.
In the current environment additional pressure on the exchange rate of bitcoin will have a lower limit of the Ichimoku cloud.
Next, the main battle will be at around $ 7,000 within the descending triangle. Up to this point, the price will move in the range 6300-7000 dollars for one coin.
Bitcoin is vulnerable, and under pressure from investor uncertainty in the future of legalization, as a full-fledged financial instrument.
With the approach of September 30, when the SEC may take a positive decision on a bitcoin ETF, players will push the price of bitcoin higher, but, according to analysts, the activity will be immediately neutralized in case of a negative result.
We recommend you to wait for key dates and then make trading decisions based on the situation on the market of cryptocurrencies.
Курс биткоина сегодня внезапно развернулся и теряет более 0.5% от цены открытия
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™