Bitcoin exchange rate today once again rushed for 10 000$, courses of cryptocurrencies grow after

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin, the most popular crypto currencies over the past day were tested from the psychological mark of$ 10 000, but failed to hold and retreated from the highs.
However, price continues to move within rising channel and retest cryptocurrency this level is expected in the near future.
So at the time of writing, the exchange rate of bitcoin on Bitfinex exchange rose 9620$ to go up by 9.2% on Bitstamp the value of bitcoin rose to 9665$ showing daily gains of 9.4%.
Курс биткоина сегодня вновь устремился к 10 000$, курсы криптовалют растут следом
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has grown to $164 billion, adding almost $ 20 billion over the last 24 hours.

The bitcoin exchange rate and news

Background bitcoin is more than favorable.As it became known, a world leader in the production of payment cards VISA announces the release of plastic cards supports Litecoin operations. This will allow customers to make transactions with the cryptocurrency through “Liteinoye card”, including and to buy more tokens. It is expected that the system will start to work on February 26.
Among banks prohibit the use of credit cards in the cryptocurrency transactions you have another one. As representatives of Citibank India, the Bank has blocked the opportunity and the ban covers not only credit but also debit cards. The Bank is a division of Citigroup, however, imposed a ban only a week later after the statement of financial giant on the same locks.
This trend is gaining momentum, and experts say that most banks simply don’t want to take risks and responsibility for the actions of customers.
Many holders of the cryptocurrency to buy bitcoin and other popular tokens on credit, which indirectly involve the Bank in a risky scheme to invest in digital assets.
In his letter, the Bank notes that is responsible for potential risks to their clients that are associated with cryptocurrencies, and in this regard prohibits transactions with them.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина сегодня вновь устремился к 10 000$, курсы криптовалют растут следом
The price of bitcoin yesterday attempted to overcome an important psychological level, however, the attempt was unsuccessful. However, in the near future in our opinion this level is overcome, and the course will flock to new highs.
As we wrote in the previous forecasts, the rate of bitcoin has met resistance in the form of a moving average, which passes through the level of 9 600$. Delay of growth that we are seeing today will be short and is likely to re-attempt the breakout of psychological level in the near future.
Positive scenario
Bitcoin will continue to grow in the direction of$ 10 000 and try to gain a foothold above. Only after the rate fixed in the region of 10 100$ – 10$ 200 and the resistance of the mill support, it will be possible to say with certainty that the growth will continue. Now there is a possibility for the price to drop to the previous lows and even below the level of 6 000$.
The negative scenario
The rate of bitcoin will not be able to obtain an additional impetus for the growth and unfold down. In this case, the support will be around 8 000$ in the case of its breakdown following the target lies at the level of 6 000$.
However, in our opinion, this scenario today unlikely. The overall balance of forces in the bitcoin market shifted towards buyers.

Courses cryptocurrency today

Other cryptocurrencies continue to grow after a bitcoin, and currently show a strengthening from 5% to 15%. The leader of growth today is Litecoin, which has appreciated by almost 30% on reports of a partnership with VISA. At the moment the market situation is as follows:
Курс биткоина сегодня вновь устремился к 10 000$, курсы криптовалют растут следом
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies is $of 415.5 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency,
Stock Markets Group™