Bitcoin exchange rate today lost another 2.3% falling further to 8 000$

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The main cryptocurrency on Tuesday again reduced in price, bitcoin exchange rate is trading slightly above $ 8300$ and can go down to the “round” level of 8 thousand dollars in the process corrective decline.
According Libertex, bitcoin exchange rate to 12.00 per day has dropped in price 2.30% – 8294 dollars in capitalization in 142.1 billion dollars. The Litecoin exchange rate weakened by 2.13%, amounting to a cash consideration of 133,3 the dollar in the capitalization of 7.6 billion dollars. The Ripple rate declined by 2.9% to 0.67 at dollar capitalization of 26.6 billion dollars. Ethereum has risen in price by 12.00 2.32% to 691,1 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 69.3 billion dollars. The total market capitalization is 377,5 billion.
However, the stock market ignored the news that the London stock exchange LMAX Exchange Group launches cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional investors. For trading on the exchange will be available five cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum. This news was partially played before, but further ceptability again began to decline.
In the future day, you can expect that they will continue to fall in price, but the decline is likely to be minor and probably short-term. Bitcoin could drop to the levels of 8100-8000 dollars, the rate of the Ripple can be reduced to the level of 0.65 dollar, Litecoin can go up to around $ 130, and Ethereum is to stoop to the level of 690 dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club