Bitcoin exchange rate today is growing steadily, supporting other cryptocurrencies

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency is steadily growing. Buyers managed to break the negativity and bring the value of the asset almost to 11 000$. The external background today is relatively favorable, so we expect that bitcoin is capable of completing the day up.
At the moment the major exchanges show the following values of value of bitcoin:
Bitstamp – $10 711 (+3.74%)
Bitfinex – $10 697 (+4.2%)
Coinbase – $10 695 (+4.2%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $181 billion.
Tuesday to bitcoin exchange rate was a good day. The majority of investors after the weekend began to actively purchase cryptocurrency at low levels.
Of the important events that can influence the further dynamics of the price of bitcoin/USD it should be noted the last meeting of officials in the EU on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, in the framework of the previously announced round table.
As it became known, the EU is considering the possibility of additional oversight of the cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular.
Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis, in a press statement, said:
“Additional regulation depends on factors and events around separately taken digital asset. Further risk assessment and the applicability of the existing regulatory framework and determine the need for additional control at EU level”
“The conduct ICO has become a good tool for attracting significant funds. However, in addition to the opportunities this tool has revealed problems are at risk of investors ‘funds”
As the share of the EU in the cryptocurrency market is insignificant, Europe will work with other countries of the big twenty, the problem of regulating a digital market.
China continues a “war” against the cryptocurrency. As informs Agency Bloomberg, the authorities intend to inspect Bank accounts and online payment companies and individuals suspected of trading in bitcoin on offshore trading platforms.
As previously reported, after the government by all means tried to limit cryptoamnesia operations, most traders and investors refocused its work on foreign exchange.
This was the only option for Chinese market participants to avoid pressure from the authorities, regarding trading cryptocurrencies.
Experts say that if bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will lose market share in China, this could negatively affect the future dynamics of digital assets.

Forecast bitcoin exchange rate

Курс биткоина сегодня уверенно растет, поддерживая другие криптовалюты
Improving market sentiment gives hope that in the near future, bitcoins will continue to rise to new levels. The decline that we saw recently, most likely, was due to technical factors, in which the number of active customers is not affected.
In the near future, we expect that cryptocurrency will overcome the mark of $11 000 and will continue to grow.
Positive scenario
If the value of Bitcoin will continue to grow, the next target where the price will try to gain a foothold will be around $11 000, the course will move to the range of $12 000 – $12 500.
Now there is every reason to expect the development of the current movement in full growth.
The negative scenario
Bitcoins can return to the previous level, and the first support for it is the $10 000. Earlier the price was repeatedly cross this psychological level, and in all likelihood he is not as important as before. Much stronger in the current situation, it looks like the $8 000, which remains within reach of bitcoin.

Courses cryptocurrency today

At the time of this writing, most altcoins are showing growth with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency market leaders in terms of capitalization. We believe that in the near future there is no reason to turn down assets.
Курс биткоина сегодня уверенно растет, поддерживая другие криптовалюты
Total market capitalization increased and $415 billion, is steadily approaching the mark of 500 billion dollars.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™