Bitcoin exchange rate: the stock market is ready for the next wave of growth

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin continues to hold an important key position, and today strengthened to within 1 percent, remaining at around 5 085 dollars per token.
The price of Bitcoin after recent sharp growth continues to drift above the important level of $ 5,000, and buyers are preparing for a new breakthrough of the resistance located in the area of 5 300$.
For most of the cryptocurrencies of the top ten day, as it is in the positive, and many of the digital assets, strengthened more than 2%.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash growing at 2.5% , the value of Ripple is fixed on 0.93%, price Ethereum rose to 2.23%, and the rate of Bitcoin Gold, was released in plus 0.78% for one coin on the crypto currency exchange at the moment offer 16.65 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has widened a bit and now stands at 89 998 billion.
Technical factors in cryptocurrency market are the main driver of the market, and chart bitcoin/dollar this just proves.
So the price of BTC found support near the moving average, which still passes under the quotes. Intermediate technical limitation of the possible drop in prices of bitcoin today is a slow line of Ichimoku, which takes place in the region of 4 $ 800. While it is possible that bitcoins could still test this area.
Курс биткоина: Крипторынок готов к следующей волне роста We expect positive scenario for the most popular cryptocurrency today is the most likely, even taking into account the possible negative side of the fundamental factors.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is set to rise in the medium term

According to a recent study, over the past two weeks seen a strong surge of transactions in the blockchain that the experts consider as the accumulation of forces of the major players for the next push Bitcoin up.
In the accounts of bitcoin holders, according to preliminary estimates, has accumulated a little less than $ 800 million in digital assets. The situation, according to analysts not associated with subsequent risk of sale of cryptocurrency with the goal of eliminating positions. On the contrary, the bitcoin whales, the nascent start of a new impulse do not want to miss the moment to enter the market.
Experts are also unanimous in the opinion that “the bottom”, about which so much was written, the price of bitcoin has already passed, which is confirmed by the increase in savings accounts.
It is necessary to pay attention to a recent study by the Global Custodian and The Trade Crypto, which shows that institutional investors have long been investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while most of them are in USA (89%) and the rest in Canada and the UK.
The survey indicates that, despite the lack of regulation of cryptocurrency and the strong concern about the risks associated with popular assets, only 7% of respondents expect a reduction of such instruments in their portfolios. Rest assured that the growth in the popularity and profitability of these coins such as bitcoin will only grow.
Paradoxical is the fact that talk about the fact that the market is about to come to institutional investors, ended this part of players are already active and investing in cryptocurrency.
Managing editor, Global Custodian and The Trade of Crypto Jonathan Watkins on this occasion said:
“The last 18 months all the talk was around that when institutional investors begin to invest in crypto. But in fact it turned out that they are already doing through the trust funds”
Thus, the funds invest in bitcoin and other assets, despite the exchange rate, which in the last year shows a deep negative.
For other market participants that may become a serious signal for the long term.
Курс биткоина: Крипторынок готов к следующей волне роста
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™