Bitcoin exchange rate: the growth of cryptocurrencies has stopped

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today, under slight pressure, however, is still trading near the mark of $ 4,000.
So at the time of this writing, the Bitcoin price fell by 0.25%, and is from the label 3865 dollars. However, the current drop cannot be considered promising for sellers, and it’s more of a pause before more substantial growth of the most popular cryptocurrencies.
At the time of writing, the main cryptocurrency in the top ten remain to the downside.
So, Bitcoin Cash is losing 0.25% and is at 131 dollar, the price of Ripple retreated 1.21% and reached $ 0.315, the cost of Ethereum fell 0.89% and the current time is 137 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate is reduced during the TRANS Gold by 0.16% for one coin on cryptomeria offer only 12.59$.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today is 132 877 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar for the day virtually unchanged and still indicates strong support for Bitcoin in the area of 3800 dollars.
Курс биткоина: рост криптовалюты приостановился
The current range of prices for the most popular cryptocurrency remains within 3800-4000 dollars.

Bitcoin exchange rate ignores the positive external background

We will remind, earlier it became known that the owners of the iPhone will be able to use store digital currency on your phone. Opera will soon offer a new software module for the operating system iOS Opera Touch free access for its users.
Also in the attempts to save the economic situation in Venezuela, the government continues to implement cryptoservice at the state level.
After conducting a national emission cryptocurrency “El Petro” in the country allowed transfers in the cryptocurrency, which supported Litecoin, which is a short strengthened by 0.53%.
However it should be noted that the negative reputation of Maduro affects the confidence of captainvalor to such “adventures”.
For example, after the government had collected about $ 5 billion according to the results of initial proposals, at the moment investors is difficult to determine the value of a coin, even considering its linkage to oil prices.
Apparently so, the market reaction to the announcement is reflected in only one cryptocurrency and it’s for a very short period of time.
For bitcoin exchange rate situation in the market is quite positive, because at the moment there is no reason that the main cryptocurrency of the beginning of the global downturn.
Курс биткоина: рост криптовалюты приостановился
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™