Bitcoin exchange rate: the Current drop doesn’t scare investors

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate after the sharp spurt above $ 5,500 recedes, taking away most popular cryptocurrency.
The price of Bitcoin at the moment is $ 5470, losing 1.26% of the initial value at the beginning of the day.
However, experts forecast remains positive and, according to many analysts, there is no reason for concern, as technical factors and the external background remains favorable for bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in General.
Most popular digital assets of the top ten are in deep red.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash loses 4.9%, Ripple price drops by as much as 6.26%, the cost of Ethereum dropped to 3.5%, and the rate of Bitcoin Gold is reduced by 6.35%, and one coin on cryptomeria offer only 15.91 dollar.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has suffered no less at the time of writing is 96 529 billion.
Chart bitcoin dollar after it failed to test the key level of 5500$ turned down.
Курс биткоина: Текущее падение не пугает инвесторов
Technical indicators don’t react to the fall of cryptocurrency, and still pointing up. So moving average is under the rate of BTC, and is the interim support.
As for the Ichimoku indicator, and here lines are in the direction of growth and does not reflect the panic in the market.
In the current situation it may be reasonable to take a break and stay out of the market because, given the deep minus SEM tools in the coming days, sellers will be more active players who bet on the growth of bitcoin prices.

The exchange rate of bitcoin may continue to grow at any time

A technical pullback, which is observed on the market is safe because over the past week, Bitcoin has become too overbought so it’s time for correction.
Meanwhile, the famous crypto-optimist, still hopes on strong growth in BTC in the future.
So billionaire and supporter of the most popular cryptocurrencies Mike Novogratz, continues to believe that traditional assets such as gold and precious metals will soon be falling by the wayside due to the popularity of bitcoin.
The head of the Galaxy Digital is sure that the arrival of institutional investment on the market of cryptocurrency is inevitable and logical that confirms the recent increase in the price of the cryptocurrency is above $ 5,000.
From a technical point of view there is no reason to believe that bitcoins will cease recently launched bullish momentum, but the low liquidity in the cryptocurrency market, makes possible the movement of the most popular token in both directions.
Курс биткоина: Текущее падение не пугает инвесторов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™