Bitcoin exchange rate: the Congressman told what is BTC

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today continues uncertain growth, being near the mark of $ 3,600.
Bitcoin price on Tuesday closed higher after falling in the range of 2%, but still held above the level of $ 3,500.
Most of the cryptocurrency of the top ten multi-directional move today without expressed dynamics.
So, Bitcoin Cash has appreciated by 0.57% and rose to the level of 127.71 dollars, the price of Ripple rose by 0.21% and reached $ 0.3285, the cost of Ethereum fell by 0.06% and down around 121.15 dollars, and Gold Bitcoin exchange rate has appreciated by 0.25% per coin currently offered 12.11 USD.
The total capitalization of the stock market is today 111 134 billion, which is $1 billion less than yesterday.
Chart bitcoin/dollar continues to drift in a narrow range. BTC/USD is making a careful effort to move above the level of $ 4,000. But encountering resistance (the lower limit of the Ichimoku cloud), rolled back down again.
Курс биткоина: Конгрессмен рассказал что такое BTC
On the stock market now is a situation where there is no reason for growth for digital assets, but for a new fall not enough sellers.
As we wrote earlier, such dynamics of the Bitcoin exchange rate may continue until the spring, as cryptologist remains under pressure from regulators in different countries, and the lack of concrete steps to promote bitcoin and other crypto-currencies into the global financial system.

The exchange rate of bitcoin: crypto-currencies are not securities

About this in his recent interview, U.S. Congressman, Darren Soto. He believes that cryptocurrency is not classified as securities, and they do not require regulation Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC).
At the same time, he noted that the main regulators control bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTS) and the Federal trade Commission (FTC). According to the politician, he has submitted to Congress a draft law and is waiting for approval of politicians.
Darren said that today the SEC is now too radical approached to the regulation of crypto, which greatly harms the development of the stock market, the value of bitcoin and other assets.
Recall that kryptomere fines, bans the holding of the ICO, working with FBI investigators to combat fraudulent schemes, all this caused serious fluctuations in the digital asset and the fall not only popular cryptocurrency, but the market in General.
“The laws governing the stock market as securities, can be too hard and damage the market. I hope that this issue will be regulated in the future will add confidence to investors”
As known earlier, the CFTC, in turn, has repeatedly stated that he believes bitcoin and other digital assets product, and they fall under the control of the controller.
The question of ownership of cryptocurrency to a particular area remains the top today as big investors who are willing to invest in kriptonyte waiting for clear “rules of the game”
Курс биткоина: Конгрессмен рассказал что такое BTC
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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