Bitcoin exchange rate stuck close to the important mark

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin today, on March 14 remains unchanged. At the time of this writing, the Bitcoin price is around $ 875 3, near the opening level.
As it became known, a major breakthrough occurred in the support of some of the popular cryptocurrency cryptocephalinae.
So in my purse Abra was full support for Ethereum. Which will allow users to transfer tokens from third-party wallets.
The Trust purse Wallet added to the list of supported digital assets, Ripple (XRP). This will allow clients to conduct operations with this cryptocurrency using a credit card.
The news will support the exchange rate of bitcoin, and most likely in the near future, the market reaction will be positive.
The price of BTC konsolidiruyutsya close to the important mark of 4,000 dollars, but the coin still lacks strong fundamental support.
However, the analysts indicate that the rate of bitcoin has the potential to break the current price range is above the level of 3800 dollars.
Курс биткоина застрял вблизи важной отметки

Chart bitcoin/dollar

Next stop, according to experts, will be at 3 900 $ for the complete abolition of the attempts of a digital asset to break through an important psychological level, sellers will be required to assist sales to send BTC below the strong support of 3 800$.
Cryptocurrency top ten remain the same with no apparent direction. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash adds 2.29%, Ripple price dipped by 0.99%, the value of Ethereum is losing 0.23%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold increases 0.54%.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has not changed and currently amounts to 68 795 billion.
Курс биткоина застрял вблизи важной отметки
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™