Bitcoin exchange rate second day trying to gain a foothold above $ 7,500

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The main cryptocurrency on Thursday, a little continue to grow in the correction to the fall of the previous days. Bitcoin throughout the day try to gain a foothold above the level of $ 7,500.
According Libertex, bitcoin 12.00 per day has risen on 0,38% – to 7546 dollars in capitalization to 127.6 billion. The Litecoin exchange rate was weaker by 2.54% to 118,8 the dollar in capitalization to $ 6.8 billion. Ethereum have grown in price by 12.00 0.7% – up to AZN 570.9 dollar, its market capitalization has reached 56,9 billion dollars. Course Ripple rose 0.5% to $ 0.61 market cap of 23.9 billion dollars. The total market capitalization reached 330,5 billion.
Worrying news for the stock market was the news that in Japan from June 18 will be a ban on anonymous cryptocurrencies. The main reason for the ban is a potential possibility of their use for criminal purposes.
In the future days, we can expect that the quotes of the major cryptocurrencies will continue to grow moderately, but the rise may soon again be due for a correction, as the market has already formed a downtrend. Course Ripple on Thursday, may grow up to 0.65 dollar, Ethereum – go above 575 dollars, and Litecoin has a chance to rise to 120 dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club