Bitcoin exchange rate retreating towards the psychological mark of $10 000

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate continues to slowly fall to the psychological level.
At the time of writing the price of the popular crypto-currencies is 10 dollars 066, losing 2.58% since the market open. Bitcoin exchange rate in rubles according CoinMarketCap today is 637 457 RUB.
Fall continue and altcoins in the top ten. So Bitcoin is Cash at the level of 306 dollars, dropping by 1.5%, the Ripple price has dropped to 313 dollars, or 2.26%, the cost of Ethereum today at around 213 dollars, decreasing by 1.95%.
Total market capitalization of Bitcoin for today is 179 533 billion.
Meanwhile, experts increasingly consider BTC as an asset of refuge in an unstable economic and geopolitical environment.
So the Fund Manager Bitcoin Capital Simon Dixon, considers that in present conditions a threat to the global financial system is not the most popular cryptocurrency, and the problems in traditional sectors.
The stock market, the public debt in the major economies, the dependence on real estate markets and the non-payment of loans, all this may soon cause a financial crisis.
In this case cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular can be the main salvation of not only private investors, but also for the banking system.
Rejecting today’s innovative technologies and putting pressure on crypto, the world may one day be left without solutions to global problems.
Excessive confidence in conventional assets have shown on the example of previous crises, their helplessness in solving problems. Bitcoin, in turn, is an operational tool for solving problems of the future.
Also recall that on 22 July, the platform for institutional investors Bakkt began testing futures bitcoin daily and monthly contracts.
The bitcoins not yet reacted to the rapid growth of this event, but in the long run the beginning of this project will greatly expand the ecosystem of popular token, and to attract more capital.
Курс биткоина отступает к психологической отметке $10 000
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group