Bitcoin exchange rate October 8: Wall-Street expect $ 15,000 per coin

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin today 8 Oct remains almost motionless, losing 0.22%.
In recent days, the price failed to make a convincing breakthrough above $ 6 500 dollars, despite the relatively positive external background.
On the chart of the bitcoin/USD quotes continue to move near the upper boundary of the trading channel in an attempt to go beyond it. However, to date, buyers are unable to consolidate forces for a breakthrough.
Курс биткоина 8 октября: на Wall-Street ожидают 15 000 долларов за монету
Along with bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies courses are in a conditional equilibrium, showing multidirectional dynamics.
So Bitcoin Cash has strengthened by 0.11% and reached $ 520$, Ripple has appreciated by 0.41%, approaching the level 0.48$, Ethereum is losing 0.55%, going down to the area of 224$, and the rate Bitcoin Gold strengthened 0.62 percent and is in the area of 27.22 dollars for one coin.
In General, the situation in the cryptocurrency market neutral, and we expect in the coming days the growth and activity of sellers and the falling exchange rate of bitcoin to the lower border of the channel, around $ 6,000.

Bitcoin exchange rate of 15 000 and above, really?

We will remind that earlier on Twitter, a survey was conducted to ascertain attitudes among private and large investors.
As it turned out 44% of respondents smaller players believe that the rate of bitcoin will continue to fall in the coming days. While most of the large investors on wall Street are confident that BTC has bottomed out and expect growth.
The survey was conducted by Fundstrat which was attended by 25 funds and financial companies associated with wall Street, as well as 9 500 Twitter users directly or indirectly involved in the trade of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The conclusion of the initiators of the study, says that the big players are preparing for a rise of cryptocurrency in the near future, while private investors and speculators believe that the price of Bitcoin has the potential to fall below current levels.
It should also be noted that usually the institutional players and large whales of the stock market basing their forecast on medium and long-term calculations, while small investors are more flexible in their predictions and react to the situation at market.
In support of wall Street are recent changes in regulatory policy crypto and the big banks that continue to strengthen its position in digital assets, providing its clients with more services and information according to the forecast of bitcoin.
In conclusion, the study notes that financial institutions strongly believe that by the end of next year, the cost of bitcoin will be near $ 15,000 and above.
Курс биткоина 8 октября: на Wall-Street ожидают 15 000 долларов за монету
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™