Bitcoin exchange rate October 3: what will happen to bitcoin in the coming days

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today continues to decline that began the previous day and approaching 6 $ 200, losing 1.2% of the value of the same coin.
According to our previous forecast uncertain growth of bitcoin has led to the fact that many investors began to take profits, fear of failure quotes to make the next breakthrough.
The current balance line for the cost of the markers between 6 000 and 6 700 USD, and it is likely that the range for Bitcoin will stay the most comfortable and balanced in the medium term.
Courses most cryptocurrencies spun around, and fall together with the most popular coin.
So the value of Bitcoin Cash fell by 4% and is close to the mark 511$, Ripple falls in the area of 0.516$, losing 0.19%, Ethereum has passed the position at 3.75%, down to the level 217$, and the rate Bitcoin Gold lost to date 1.75% and 25.1 worth$.
Capitalization of bitcoin today is 11 773 billion, a total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies dropped to $199 725 billion.
Meanwhile, the exchange rate of bitcoin can be supported, after the Chairman of the Committee of national policy of South Korea, Min Byung-Doo called for the legalization of ICO.
He believes that the primary offering of coins is becoming a global trend in the world and the country cannot stand aside from it.
“I would not like that the door to the legalization ICO was closed, and the state should not ignore this issue”
This statement was made at the regular plenary session of the National Assembly, where the participants asked questions to the government.
According to officials, the ban must work against scams and shady schemes of money laundering, not against the stock market, bitcoin ICO.
Noting the huge capital collected in some ICO, Min said
“We have seen an increasing flow of investment in ICO from large private investors. This area is becoming wider, and it involved a large company, collecting huge sums. For example, as a Telegram which attracted $ 1.7 billion or Block.One attracted through ICO more than 4 billion dollars”
The situation with the legalization of this sector is gaining momentum, and in our opinion, the chance that many countries recognize the primary offer of coins grow.
The announcement is in our view can provide short-term support for the cryptocurrency market and value of bitcoin in particular.
Курс биткоина 3 октября: что будет с криптовалютой в ближайшие дни
Technically on the chart bitcoin/dollar decline gathers momentum, and as we have noted, price will tend to the level of 6 000$. Further sellers will attempt to breakdown below and if external background will remain neutral or negative, bitcoin can go to the district 5$ 500 and below.
Now in our opinion to make purchases impractical, since in the near future, sales will increase.
Курс биткоина 3 октября: что будет с криптовалютой в ближайшие дни
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™