Bitcoin exchange rate October 23: Cryptocurrency is preparing for a new leap

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today remains without significant changes, losing about 0.2% and remaining near the level of 6 500$.
A temporary lull in the market of cryptocurrencies is delayed, however, players have less chances to maneuver, and in the coming days we expect sharp changes in the situation.
The Bitcoin price in the absence of significant external factors, are not able to continue the growth, so buyers in the short term will focus on the volatility of the market and increase the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains unchanged and support, serving around 6 $ 500 actual. However, crossing the quotations of this level down will increase the risk of a new wave of sales of the cryptocurrency.
Курс биткоина 23 октября: Криптовалюта готовится к новому рывку
Cryptocurrency top ten weak with bitcoin, and show a slight deviation from the level of the previous day. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash loses 1.64% and dropped around$ 445k, the value of the Ripple has decreased by 0.93% and reached $ 0.453$, Ethereum lost 0.44% and is close to 202 USD and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold has lost 0.08%, and for one coin offered 25.64$.

The bitcoin exchange rate has become an indicator for large businesses

Experts note that, despite the large number of different tokens, bitcoin is a main reference not only for those who trade in the market of digital assets. It’s about those investors who consider the cryptocurrency industry as a whole as a source of income.
The fall of bitcoin this year has led to an increase of 200% of acquisitions and mergers of companies focused on cryptocurrencies.
Company data JMP Securities are saying about 115 such transactions, and by the end of the year their number could be closer to 150.
Many companies in order to launch the business kriptonyte use the price drop in the cryptocurrency market to buy a startup, and to access innovation.
Thus, bitcoin and many popular crypto currencies today have become indicators for OTC transactions and evaluation of resources in kriptonyte.
The head of the division of investment in digital assets JMP Securities Satya Bagopi said:
“The price of tokens remains correlated with the bitcoin exchange rate even for large companies, which gives a good opportunity for strategic investments”
Further, the expert adds:
“As soon as the company becomes an attractive buy, even for little money, but the number of transactions will grow, as it is a good way to quickly get up to cryptobytes”
Курс биткоина 23 октября: Криптовалюта готовится к новому рывку
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™