Bitcoin exchange rate October 22: the Lack of ideas is a problem for investors

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate remains in the ascending channel in the framework of the initiated on the eve of a technical rebound.
The price of cryptocurrency today is showing a slight decline of about 0.34%, but is still above $ 6,000. As we expected earlier, bitcoin has received support after an unexpected Pampa last week and buyers are in no hurry to give leadership in the cryptocurrency market.
On the chart of the bitcoin/USD temporary support, formed after the rollback of the price remains valid, and further movement of Bitcoin will go higher.
Курс биткоина 22 октября: Отсутствие идей проблема для инвесторов
Most digital coins after bitcoin also show a slight decline. So Bitcoin is Cash at the current moment is losing 0.52% and reached $ 448$, Ripple fell by 0.52% and is close to 0.458$, Ethereum weakened by 0.28% and costs 204$, and the rate Bitcoin Gold lost 0.19% and exchanges for one coin offered 26.75$.

The bitcoin exchange rate and network load

Willy Wu, a well-known analyst of the cryptocurrency market, has published the schedule of dependence between the network congestion of bitcoin and the Commission. Which shows that in the month of October, the network load has reached 95%, but it had no effect on the financial component commissions per transaction.
This situation is observed for the first time in 2017 when the load on the bitcoin network is close to 85% of the amount of Commission per transaction rose to a record $ 25.
The current situation shows that in General cryptologist calmly to the data to peak values, and at the moment, one transaction is only 0.1$.
According to experts this is due to the fact that the developers continue to work actively on the problems of the blockchain and the exchange rate of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market has become more resilient to such information.
So, it is expected that in the future the combination of two technologies Segwit and Lighting will reduce the risks of network congestion and solve the scaling problem.
The exchange rate of bitcoin for six days remained in the narrow range 6 500$ to 6 900$, partly due to the lack of clear benchmarks in the technical and the fundamental aspect.
In such circumstances, the cryptocurrency may be delayed for a sufficiently long period, if in the near future the external environment will remain the same unprincipled.
Курс биткоина 22 октября: Отсутствие идей проблема для инвесторов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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