Bitcoin exchange rate November 15: the collapse of the cryptocurrency and black Thursday investors

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin never ceases to amaze experts and to disappoint those who still believe in the stability of most popular cryptocurrencies.
The Bitcoin price has fallen almost $ 1,000 in just two days, and remains under strong pressure those market participants who were disappointed in the prospects of cryptocurrency.
On the chart of the bitcoin/USD price has broken the support of $ 6,000, which was impregnable for almost 6 months. While unsuccessful were the attempts of bitcoin is to resume the growth that first pushed large investors from the digital asset, and secondly reduced the popularity of cryptocurrency in the world.
Курс биткоина 15 ноября: Крах криптовалюты и черный четверг инвесторов
Strict measures to regulate the market without providing alternative rules convenient for the development of kryptonyte, as well did the trick.
By year-end questions on this issue remains, and many officials are in no hurry to make decision, to relieve tension in cryptosuite. As a result, the exchange rate of bitcoin is coming to the end of the current year with no prospects of further growth.

The rate of bitcoin will fall, weather experts are not comforting

Weak support cryptocurrency banking and financial sector in the world, and many conflicts between the regulators forced the speculators to leave the market.
As you know, the volatility of bitcoin during the last months amounted to just 1.5% vs 60-80% in the period of peak demand for the digital asset.
On the one hand, care aggressive participants in other financial instruments would have to attract large whales, but that did not happen, because large investors are still not interested to buy bitcoin at such a high rate.
The current drop, on the contrary beneficial to those participants who remain in expectation of still lower prices.
Bitcoin has long been part of investment portfolios, and therefore is influenced by General negative financial situation in the world. Recent developments with oil prices and depressed stock markets, could not fail to have an impact on the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is another reason why most popular coin collapsed.
Experts expect that the situation with the approach of the new year will only get worse and the outflow of capital from bitcoin will increase, because it is not a good idea to keep the money in the asset that may fall more than 10% in just two days and even before the new year holidays.
In our opinion, the next goal for the course is popular cryptocurrencies in the area of 5 000 dollars, but the global support the digital asset can receive in the region of 3,000.
Курс биткоина 15 ноября: Крах криптовалюты и черный четверг инвесторов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™