Bitcoin exchange rate: Mentioned the main reason of the weakness of the cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoins first day of the new 2019 remains near the key level of $ 4,000, despite the sharp drop the day before.
At the moment the price of Bitcoin is on the verge of the opening, adding just 0.05%.
But I must say that the overall situation in the cryptocurrency market remains unfavourable for the development of the proper growth and with the beginning of active trading, quotations BTC could again collapse.
Most popular cryptocurrencies in the top ten remain in the black, but also ready to change positive mood at any time after the main digital asset.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash add 7.05%, and strengthened to $ 160, the price of Ripple has risen 0.34% and reached the level 0.3676 dollars, the cost of Ethereum grew by 2.23% and is at the 136.53 of the dollar and the Gold Bitcoin exchange rate has strengthened by 2.29%, and one coin on cryptomeria offer 13.08 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today, it remains virtually unchanged and is 117 126 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains the same without changes. The primary support for the main quotes of the coin is the early line of Ichimoku passing at around 3800 dollars.
Курс биткоина: Названа главная причина слабости криптовалюты
Other technical indicators point to low activity of market participants and the failure to seriously affect the current situation.
However, the downside risk in our view remains, as yesterday the course of BTC suddenly dropped, which confirms that the market is ready to go against the optimists.
The lack of positive external signals itself is a bad situation for cryptocurrency market, as history shows, may be the wanton fall bitcoin to new lows.

Bitcoin exchange rate: Starts trading on Bakkt delayed again

This was reported by representatives of ICE and confirmed the information which appeared on December 22. Start trading on the Bakkt bitcoin fchersy postponed, as the work of the CFTC on this issue is not yet complete.
The timing of the transfer also is not yet known and will be clarified according to representatives of the company later.
Recall cryptologist expected that the Commission commodity futures trading will report on its Reni on January 24, after repeated postponement. However, on 22 December it became known that the regulator does not have time to complete work on the issue.
This information does not have a significant effect on the exchange rate of bitcoin, but we should not forget that today the activity on the cryptocurrency market is reduced and as is often the case with cryptocurrencies, the reaction may be followed after a day or two.
Apparently, the market had a message Bakkt about the closing of the first financing and attracting 182.5 million investors.
High interest, backed by financial support of companies such as Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz earned in his time hundreds of millions on bitcoin, Boston Consulting Group, Horizons Ventures Intercontinental Exchange, which is the venture arm of Microsoft and other major players of kryptonyte, it is a good signal for the doubters in the development of technology.
Besides, as noted the blog exchange, history has no examples of when the innovative technology has reached its potential in the first ten years, and bitcoin in this regard is no exception.
The only problem is that while the regulator delays a decision, a popular token can lose much capitalization and trust on the part of private players and operators of the market of cryptocurrencies.
Our forecast on bitcoin remains in force, and we consider the current price range of $ 3500-4000 as the most comfortable in the current environment.
Курс биткоина: Названа главная причина слабости криптовалюты
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™