Bitcoin exchange rate lost 7% and continues to fall to around 7 $ 200

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today continued to fall and the commencement of trading, lost almost 1%.
Yesterday, the cryptocurrency market have seen strong sales, and for one bitcoin gave less than $ 7,500. Nevertheless, the situation stabilized in the second half of the day, when cryptocurrency has risen above and moved on the next support level in the area of 7 600$.
After two days, bitcoins lost more than 7% but experts believe that this high volatility of the digital coin is within acceptable limits, especially given thin summer market and low liquidity.
The main blow fell on the same courses and other popular cryptocurrencies. So coin from the first three fell in the range of 8%-10%.
Bitcoin Cash in the moment I came in 740.15$, losing 8.4% in the capitalisation 12 629 billion. Course Ripple was more stable and lost only 2.9%, falling to 0.431 dollars in capitalization 16 905 billion. Analysts explain the stability of XRP recent report of the company for the second quarter and the emergence of new software products running on the network. Ethereum lost in the capitalization of 3 billion dollars and decreased by 8.1% to reach $ 411.31 per coin.
Strong fall of the stock market, most likely related to news that in the last days came on the market and technical factors.
Recall that days earlier it became known that the South Korean authorities are considering the issue of deprivation of benefits of kryptomere because, according to officials of the bitcoin platform fell short of expectations in the generation of added value as, for example, small and medium-sized companies.
Earlier, the President of Mastercard, dispelled expectations of the crypto community that the company relates positively to the integration into cryptonote, calling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “garbage”.
The situation on the trading floors formed ambiguous and to date many of the assets have resumed falling.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина потерял 7% и продолжает падение к отметке 7 200 долларов
During the day the digital asset will remain close to previously achieved a low of 7 600$. Sellers have fully performed correction movement, and in the coming days, expect rebound cryptocurrency up.
Positive scenario
Mark 7 600 stand and the rate of bitcoin will continue to rise. In this case, the first target is the recent crossed the mark of us $ 8,000. Given the vitality of buyers, the bulls will not allow bitcoin to fall deep down.
However, if external background deteriorates, the negative sentiment can take over and send bitcoin even lower.
The negative scenario
The rate of bitcoin will increase to fall and in this case, the first mark is where the price will get a break, is the level of 7 $ 200.
Additional support is fast line and the upper border of the Ichimoku cloud. Talk about changing price dynamics of Bitcoin yet, so technically the growth potential of the digital asset is stored.
Курс биткоина потерял 7% и продолжает падение к отметке 7 200 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™